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MLPNextGen: Lightning Rod by DaydreamDollop MLPNextGen: Lightning Rod by DaydreamDollop

Name: Lightning Rod

Gender: Male

Parents: Rainbow Dash and Flash Sentry

Siblings: Spectra Blast

Race: Pegasus

Special talent: Engineering new machinery and tinkering with objects

Bio: Out of all of the things Rainbow Dash hoped and wished for her children, the hope for her kids to be "fast, awesome, but also cool as hell" was the one she reiterated the most out of them all. Luckily for her, Lighting Rod is the epitome of "chill". He has a calm and go-with-the-flow nature that has garnered him attention from admiring mares more often than not, though some ponies (including his mom) find themselves getting frustrated by how indifferent his attitude is to almost anything.

As Rainbow Dash's first born foal, most expected him to be some sort of aerial prodigy that would follow in his mother's footsteps of becoming a world renowned Wonderbolt, or even become a fierce royal guard like his father. Little did they know that Lightning Rod would go on to inherit 0% of his mother's athleticism and 0% of his father's drive. Lightning Rod is one of the worst fliers out there, crashing and burning if he so much as tries to do more than a simple front flip in the air. It doesn't bother him much though, since he would much rather laze around on a cloud or hole himself away in his makeshift garage to be left to his devices and gadgets.

Apart from his aloof personality, Lightning Rod also has a highly mischievous side, creating egg-slinging contraptions, teepee shooting minibots, banana peels wired with motion control technology to place itself right underneath a pony's hooves, and many other juvenile prank bots. He creates them to not only entertain himself, but also entertain younger colts and fillies who might happen to be hanging around, seeing as he has a soft spot for small things. (i.e. foals, animals, his younger sister, etc.)

When he was young, his parents began to notice he wasn't responding normally to certain sounds and noises like any other foal his age should have, and made the decision to consult a doctor about their son. Sure enough, it turned out their little Lightning was partially deaf in both ears. Lightning and his parents quickly began ESL (Equine Sign Language) courses to better communicate with each other through clops, ear twitches and hoof motions. Though he and his family now know sign language, Lightning Rod can still read mouths extremely well when he needs to. The sounds he can hear are just very muffled, and he's able to discern a few syllables during conversation.
introducing rainbow dash's super saiyan condiment haired son who's totally cool and totally sucks balls at flying :iconheplz:

in my storyverse (lets just call it dreamverse), Flash and Twilight dated for about a year before they eventually separated on good terms. the two found that they enjoyed each others company but couldn't really connect well on a romantic level (twilight finding him to be a little boring, flash thinking twilight was a bit too distant during their relationship)

near the end of their courtship, Flash often times came to Twilight's closest friends, the rest of the Mane 6, to ask for advice on how to re-spark his dwindling connecting with Twilight. while they were all helpful and supportive of the situation, the one to really understand Flash best was Rainbow Dash.

over time they became good friends, and soon realized their attraction toward each other after Flash and Twilight's relationship had ended. Rainbow was completely against seeing Flash romantically, feeling that it was forbidden territory to date a friend's ex, and Flash thought he was on the rebound too soon after his previous romance was over. after some reassurance from the princess of friendship and blind date that totally wasn't set up by her, pinkie pie and rarity without their knowing, the two started dating, and years later went on to get married. rainbow loves her dork husband and flash loves his too cool for school wifey.

Little-Tweenframes Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016
ooh, this is an interesting ship i haven't seen before!
DaydreamDollop Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016  Student Digital Artist
thank you! i grew really fond of the ship a while ago, and i really wish there was more content of it around ; ;
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